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Student career

Student career

Graduate Study:

Graduate schools: Domestic and oversea Graduate study in gerontology, Long-term care, health care, health policy and administration, public health, administration and management, nursing

Job and career

1. Hospital: affiliated long-term-care unit, intermediate care unit, geriatric ward

2. Long-term-care facilities: elderly center, care home, nursing home

3. Industry/organization: distance care, educational and leisure industries, industries of assistive device, non-government, profit or non-profit association and foundation

4. academic and research organization:  government and non-government institutes, colleges and universities

5. government officials: Department of social affair,  Department of health, Long-term care resource management center


Objective of Development

The focus areas of learning are elderly health promotion, dementia care, care for disability, and management of care to help older people to achieve the goal of aging in place and healthy aging.