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Brief History

In response to social change in the population structure, the elderly and increase long-term care needs, the establishment of the Republic ninety-six school authorized to spend two degrees learning process, including "Degree Program of care for the elderly", "Degree Program of long-term care," recruit two TECHNOLOGY day section of students, 99 of the preceding school year will further authorized to spend two Program of the merger as "long-term care for the elderly degree Program of" addition to the original two day technical unit, two additional technical training unit. Authorized to spend one hundred and four academic year changed its name to "the cause of the elderly and long-term care system," one hundred and five day school year began to recruit Siji unit, the department is part of "School of Nursing."

    The Department follows the school to "human health" as the core of development, uphold the "professional, caring, macro, temperament" educational philosophy, and to foster cross-cutting elderly long-term care professionals for the purpose of the establishment, is committed to the implementation of the Program of the establishment of the education goals: "nurture students to become long-term care of elderly with professional knowledge, attitude and skills of interdisciplinary talents."

The department has a four-year, two-year daytime department and education department, and have a strong team of teachers and new teaching facilities, in terms of teachers, with the characteristics of cross-cutting, invited school full-time and part-time school teachers of various fields, are It has a wealth of experience in teaching and practice. Part of the school, the School of Nursing, Medicine and Health Sciences and Humanities School of Management of each full-time teachers taught their fields of expertise include nursing, basic medical sciences, management, psychology, education, sociology and sports and leisure; outside part, invited the elderly long-term care industry, government and experts in the field as a part-time teacher, whose areas of expertise include social work, gerontology, home care, nutrition for the elderly, the elderly living space planning, organization and management of business.

Professional core curriculum designed according to capacity planning, including basic skills, liberal arts conservation, professional required and elective courses. Elective courses are divided into health care services for the elderly and industrial management class three categories, the students according to their own interests and career planning course selection.